St. Augustine


Grows fast and establishes quickly. Shade, heat & drought tolerant. Disease & Wear resistant.

St. Augustine

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At SodLawn, we’re proud to offer delivery services for all kinds of sod including warm-season St. Augustine sod. This specific type of sod is designed to thrive in the hot and dry climate of southern California. With a medium-leaf texture and strong growth pattern, St. Augustine sod creates a thick, rich and vibrant lawn. (NOTE: St. Augustine is not sold between mid-November to mid-April due to is dormancy)

St. Augustine sod is best known for being a warm-season grass, meaning that it’s easy to maintain, even in the harsh heat of the summertime. With a creeping growth habit and fast regrowth capabilities, it establishes rather quickly and rebounds from wear well. If your grass sees lots of traffic, St. Augustine refill damaged areas quickly thanks to its fast growth. Boasting a medium green color, this grass looks great on properties of all kinds – big and small.

If you want a lawn that’s resistant to drought, is shade tolerant, resistant to disease and only needs to be fertilized in the warmer months, this is the kind for you. St. Augustine grass does require mowing at least once a week during the warmer months, but aside from that, there is little maintenance required, making it easy-to-own sod that you can trust to look great all year long.

If you want St. Augustine sod delivered to your residential or commercial property in San Diego or anywhere else in central and southern California, call SodLawn today. We’ll help you schedule your sod delivery order to ensure you get what you need exactly when you need it. Call now to learn more!

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